BallisTec Carbon


The resins we use are High Strength, High Impact resins similar to what is used in the construction of carbon baseball bats; light, stiff and designed to endure thousands of deformation cycles. We combine these fibers and this resin in a lay-up designed to maximize the anisotropic (direction-specific) qualities of the fibers, providing a carbon structure that is extremely light, extremely stiff and capable of absorbing tremendous impact without damage or loss of structural integrity.

Only once the frame has passed all of our extremely tough destructive and fatigue testing do we go back and begin adding the stiffer, but more brittle high-modulus and ultra-high modulus fibers strategically simply to enhance stiffness and tune the ride-feel. By using these more brittle fibers in protected areas and solely to add stiffness, without relying on them for strength, we can create super-light, super-stiff frames that are also incredibly durable and safe. And because the entire frame is made from this tough, durable combination, it offers better overall durability relying on carbon shields or overbuilt sections.