The same week that fellow OverMountain athletes Jerome Clementz and Mark Weir kicked off the the 2011 season at the Urge Cabo Verde event, Chris Van Dine took the Claymore to Brasil to accept his invitation to the Descida Das Escadas race. With millions watching the live coverage on Globe Sport and broadcasts in 144 countries, 'Santos Urbanos' is one of the most visible races of the year.


Multiple World Cup champions were in attendance with Greg Minnaar, Marc Beaumont, and Cedric Gracia. Despite the strong field and coming straight from the middle of the Utah winter with the flu, Van Dine's name was at the top of the leader board all weekend. In the semi-final CVD was on pace sitting in second place, one tenth of a second off the quickest time. In the five rider super final, Van Dine went all in. Two seconds up at the split, Van Dine lost the front wheel on the last corner and despite losing his chance of winning the season opener, CVD came out unscathed and the spectacular crash in view of the finish line won the crowd over.

"I was on my limit and gave it everything I had. I overcooked the last corner and low-sided over a six set trying to make up time after a bobble in turn four. My hat's off to Mario Jarrin and the amazing run he put together. Santos is one of the most violent tracks I've ever raced on, it's really hard on equipment and bikes were failing left and right. The Claymore performed flawlessly, and we proved thatthe DYAD is competitive with the factory tuned full travel World Cup winning bikes. I can't wait for people to ride this new chassis and suspension technology, it's versatility and agility is like nothing I've ever ridden. I'm looking forward to a fun year with AC, Jerome, and Weir." Van Dine commented with a smile.

CVD's Semi-Final Run:

CVD's Super Final Run: