Ted King

This tall New Hampshirite has always held a special place for Cannondale and raced on a Cannondale in the WorldTour since 2011.

Ted started racing in college with his first race bike being a metallic blue Cannondale given to him by his brother who inspired him to take up the sport, and a career was born.

Throughout his career Ted captured seven personal victories, completed two Giro d'Italia Grand Tours, raced in World Championships, and lined up at the 2013 and 2014 Tour de France.

Charity Work:

Through he stepped away from pro racing in 2015, it doesn’t mean he is done with cycling. Ted uses cycling as a form of expression, starting movements such as the Krempels King of the Road Challenge and 200 Not On 100.

Cannondale continues today to work with Ted on product feedback, social media and charitable endeavors to inspire more people to take to the road on a bicycle.



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