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With Cannondale performance and Kid-Correct features, these bikes are a great start to a lifelong love of riding. Not sure where to start? Check out our Kids bike buyers guide.

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          What You Need to Know About Kids Bikes

          What You Need To Know About Kids Bikes

          While the basics of how bikes work – from how the wheels spin and handlebars steer – are usually the same across different ages, there are a lot of different features that can make learning to ride a bike accessible to children of all ages. Here’s what makes Cannondale kids' bikes different and some highlights about our top kids' bike models.

          What Makes Us Different

          When it comes to your child’s first time riding a bike, it’s important to set them up for success. After all, their childhood riding experiences can set the tone for how they experience cycling and exercising as a whole!

          One of the major features that make Cannondale kids' bikes stand out is our Kid-Correct position. This features a low standover height to make it easier for kids to get on and off, an easy reach to the bars that children can do while maintaining good form, and other components sized just right for young riders. These features combined create a great option to make sure your child’s biking experience is a good one.

          Our kids' bikes are also made for durability and performance, just like our adult bikes! All are made for durability, comfortable use, and to safely carry their rider for hundreds of rides.

          Bikes For Young Children (Ages 1-4)

          While your child may have ridden with you in a back seat, their first ride on a bike of their own is always such an exciting milestone! It’s important to make sure that your littlest rider has all the right gear to start learning.

          Here are a few different types of bikes that are made for young children’s first rides!

          Balance Bikes

          Balance bikes are made for young children that are able to walk but may not be able to ride a two-wheeled bike on their own yet. These are usually recommended for children ages 1-4. These bikes come with fully-functional wheels, but instead of pedals, children can practice their balance with their feet on the ground. They can also learn the basics of steering using the handlebars, which control the front wheel.

          Our balance bikes are also made with a lightweight C3 Alloy frame to make it easy for children to push along and as safe as possible.

          12” Trail Bikes

          Once kids have mastered the basics of balancing and steering, they may be ready to move on to a trail bike! Our 12” wheel trail bikes are made just for comfort and easy handling on gravel roads and leisurely rides with a low-standover frame. These bikes also come with toolless training wheels as children gain comfort with balancing and pedaling at the same time.

          Bikes for Gradeschool Children (Ages 5-8)

          If 12” wheels are a little too small, it may be time to move on up a size! We’re ready to help kids ride in style, from suburban sidewalks to busy trails.

          16” Kids Trail Single Speed

          These bikes are made to last and make sure your child is always riding in style. This bike comes with a lightweight body and a range of colors, including pink, blue, turquoise, and red. They have training wheels and easy-stop coaster brakes, making this a great next step for kids who are ready for a 16” wheel but not ready for hand brakes yet. This bike is recommended for children ages 4-6.

          16” Kids Trail Freewheel

          This bike is similar to the Kids Trail Single Speed model, with one speed and a lightweight frame, but it has one major change: V-brakes instead of easy-stop coaster brakes. This bike is a great tool for building skills that will serve children well as they continue to grow and learn more about cycling! This bike is recommended for children ages 4-6.

          20” Kids Trail

          If 16” is getting a little too small, this bike might be a good next step! With a Shimano 7-speed Revo Twist Shifter, this bike is the perfect update for kids ready to experience the freedom and customizability of multiple gears. Made for agility and comfort, this is the perfect bike for low-impact trails and gravel roads. This bike is recommended for children ages 5-8.

          20” Kids Trail Single-Speed

          This bike is great for kids who are building their skills and having fun riding their bikes all around the neighborhood. Made with a lightweight, durable SmartForm C2 Alloy frame and Smooth Rolling Multi-Surface tires, this bike is great for everything from leisurely rides in town to really trying to get up to speed on gravel roads. It has both a kick-back-style coaster brake and a rear V-brake. This bike is recommended for children ages 5-8.

          20” Kids Trail Freewheel

          This one-speed bike is another great option for kids building skills and learning the love of cycling! Just like the Single-Speed version, this bike is made with Smooth Rolling Multi-Surface tires and a SmartForm C2 Alloy frame. The biggest difference is that this bike only has a rear V-brake, so it’s best for children that have experience using hand brakes. This bike is recommended for children ages 5-8.

          20” Kids Quick

          Ready to start shifting gears? Then this bike is the right choice for you! This model is perfect for leisurely rides as kids learn to shift gears for challenging hills. Built with a fan-favorite SmartForm C2 Alloy frame and on-road/off-road tires, this is a fun model for kids just starting to learn about gear shifting and what gear is best for what kind of terrain. This bike is recommended for children ages 5-8.

          20” Kids Cujo Race 20+

          This bike is ready for action with Kid’s Plus-Size Wheels and Tires and powerful hydraulic brakes! Plus, with the advanced power of an SRAM X5 10-speed Trigger Shifter, any young cyclist on this bike will be a force to be reckoned with. This bike is ideal for kids whose favorite place to ride is on low-impact trails and is recommended for children ages 5-8.

          Bikes For Older Children & Young Teens (Ages 7-13)

          These bikes are perfect for kids who are a little too big for their other kid bikes but not quite ready for an adult bike’s size yet. Help them learn new features and pick the perfect model for their preferred biking paths and goals!

          24” Kids Quick

          This bike has fast-rolling tires, 7 speeds, and stable handling that make it perfect for on-road and off-road cycling. It also comes in several bright colors, including pink, red, and yellow, that is great for increasing visibility for cyclists riding in more traffic-heavy areas. This bike is recommended for children ages 7-12 and comes in three styles: the Kids Quick 24 Girl’s, the Kids Quick 24 Boy’s, and the Kids Quick 24.

          24” Kids Trail

          This bike comes ready for off-roading and trails with a lightweight frame, powerful disc brakes, and a smooth suspension fork. The Shimano 8-speed Revo Twist Shifter also makes sure that the rider can easily control hills and changes in terrain. This bike is great for kids that love exploring and riding on exciting trails. This bike is recommended for children ages 7-12 and comes in three styles: the Kids Trail 24 Girl’s, the Kids Trail 24 Boy’s, and the Kids Trail 24.

          24” Kids Cujo

          For the experienced young trail rider, this model is great for adventures! It comes with Kid’s Plus-Size Wheels and Tires and a lightweight SmartForm C3 Alloy frame and fork. It also has a Shimano 8-speed Revo Twist Shifter to ensure that it’s ready to take on any hill that may come its way. This bike is recommended for children ages 7-12.

          24” Kids Trail Plus

          For a little extra trail-riding edge, check out this model’s super grippy Kids Plus-Size wheels and tires! These tires make it easier to go off-road and can soak up bumps a bit more than other styles. They also have a bit of extra grip that can come in handy on hills! The wide-range 8-speed gearing also works with a light action trigger shifter, making it especially easy for the rider to adjust to trail conditions as needed. This bike is recommended for children ages 7-12.

          24” Kids Cujo Race

          This bike is the full deluxe package with hydraulic brakes, grippy Plus-Size Wheels and Tires, and a Shimano Deore 10-speed group. If your kid is ready to move into racing with peers or check out some more advanced low-impact trails, this bike is a great next step! This bike is recommended for children ages 7-12.

          26” Kids Trail

          This bike is made for riders between 4’8 and 5’ – not quite big enough for adult bikes, but too big for other kids’ bikes. This model has the low stand-over height of kids’ bikes for stability and wheels that are a bit more maneuverable than many adult bikes but still has the adult bike fun of 8-speed shifting, fast-rolling knobby tires, and all grip for challenging trails. This bike is recommended for children ages 9-13.

          What Next?

          Now that you have a more thorough understanding of the models available, you’re ready to pick out the best bikes for your family! For information, check out our buying guide on how to choose the right kid’s bike.

          Come ride with us.