The Cannondale App

Connect to your bike to get the most out of it, with ride tracking, service reminders, and so much more.

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The All-in-One Cannondale App


Ride & Learn

Ride Tracking
The app lets you effortlessly track each ride, automatically starting and stopping, logging the route you take, plus data like your distance, elevation, average speed, and more. If you want to mount your phone to your handlebar, you can even customize which info is displayed, or see the map as you ride.
Explore Your Data
Get more out of each ride with stats like personal records and weekly, monthly, or yearly data overviews. Build up achievement milestones to keep you excited and focused on goals. Track estimated calories burned, and check out your Eco Report – how much pollution you’ve kept out of the atmosphere by riding instead of driving.

Get Your Fix

Maintenance Reminders
With the app, you never have to guess when it's time for a tune-up. Maintenance reminders based on your activity can let you know when it’s probably time to visit your mechanic, and you can log mileage on service items like tires, chains, and cassettes so you know when it’s time to replace them. You can record helpful info like saddle height, tire pressures, and suspension settings, too.
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Warranty & Tech Help
The app puts all sorts of helpful resources right at your fingertips, including helpful how-to videos, model-specific information on every Cannondale, and a locator to find bike shops near you, wherever you go. There’s even a simple warranty registration function to make it super easy to register your bike for coverage.

Intelligent Integrations

An App for Apps
Quickly connect Strava, Garmin, Apple Health, and other activity trackers to your Cannondale App account, making it simple to keep everything in sync.

Get Even More with Accessories

The Wheel Sensor
Use the Cannondale Wheel Sensor (included on many Cannondale bikes, or available as an add-on) to get even more out of each ride when paired with the app, precisely tracking speed, distance, and more. It automatically records every mile you ride and stores up to 900 hours of activity before you need to sync it to the app.
See Wheel Sensor
Make SmartSense Smarter
Use the app to control and adjust SmartSense, a system designed for greater visibility and awareness on the road. On Cannondales with SmartSense, you get integrated front and rear lights that adjust intelligently to ambient light and riding conditions, and a rear-facing radar to help you anticipate traffic behind you.
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