Nick Name: Mani.

Date of Birth: 30.03.1982.
Current Team: CFR.
Height: 174 cm.
Weight: 68 kg.
Residence: Stuttgart / Germany.
Why do you ride: riding my bike makes me feel free.
What/who started you racing: my older brother Lado.
Weakness: rain and cold weather.
Marital status: married, one child.
Most important people in your life and career: family and friends.
Racing since: 15 years.
Professional since: 2001.
Best part of racing: the way up to the world class.
Hardest part: stay there.
Worst moment in career: 2006, two twice broken collarbone.
Best moment in career: World Champion U23.
General career goals: Worldcup win, Olympic Games 2016.
Favourite food: Italian.
Favourite music: funky 70.
Best idea of having good time: riding bikes with friends in the mountains.
Favourite place to travel to: South Africa / Cape town.
Favourite riding spots and courses: Swabian Alp, South Africa. Houffalize and Nove Mesto World Cup.
Advice to beginners: ride clean, ride in style and have fun.
Other sports: hiking.
If I was not a professional mountain biker: my son.


Year 2012 Highlights:
- Olympic Games London.
- German Champs.
- 3.rd Worldcup Pietermaritzburg.
- 3.rd worlds team relay.

Year 2011 Highlights:
- 2011 5th worldcup england.
- 2011 6th worldcup south africa.
- 2011 5th worldchampionschip team relay.
- 2011 9th worldchampionship xco.
- 2011 1st overalll german bundesliga.

Year 2010 Highlights:
- Houffalize Worldcup.
- vice worldchampion team relay.