Date of Birth: 3/30/1990.
Current Team: WTB-Cannondale.
Height: 170 cm.
Weight: 73.5 kg.
Residence: Novato California.
Why do you ride: I love everything about it.
What/who started you racing: Alot of the older kids in my area raced downhill when I was a kid.
They lit the fire in my eyes as a junior.
Weakness: Any fine looking female in her late teens early twenties.
Marital status: single.
Most important people in your life and career: Mark Weir has taught me more then anyone else in my life.
He shaped me into who I am today.
Racing since: 2002.
Professional since: 2010.
Best part of racing: Pinning it into a trail that I’ve never seen and hanging on and getting gnarly.
Hardest part: Training and trying to stay healthy. I love beer and it tends to make me a little heavier than ideal race weight.
Worst moment in career: Breaking my ankle at 2011 Trans Provence and being homeless in nice for 2 days.
Best moment in career: It’s hard to pinpoint one moment. Shredding in south America with Jerome
for a few weeks was a great time.
General career goals: Beat Jerome again.
Favourite food: Tacos.
Favourite reading: My Favourite two books of all time are The Monkey Wrench Gang by Edward Abbey and
Gods Middle Finger by Richard Grant.
Favourite music: I listen to a lot of different stuff. Rap, Rock, metal, Country, punk. If it sounds good to me ill rock it.
Best idea of having good time: Morning dh shuttles, bbq, shredding motos, Drinking beer and shooting guns.
Basically a solid day at the ranch.
Favourite place to travel to: Woodman Creek. It’s a little paradise buried deep in the nor cal woods.
It’s a lawless land and the one place I feel completely safe.
Most respected mountain bike riders: I respect Jerome Clementz because he looks like a 14 yr. old boy but
rides his bike like superman. All the top world cup dh guys are Badass and an inspiration to watch.
Other most respected athletes: All Men and Women Serving in our armed forces so I can ride my bike freely.
And that pyscho redbull paid to jump from space. He is Gnarly.
Favourite riding spots and courses: Favourite place it ride is The lakes basin in Northern California. Such rad trails.
Super technical climbs with insane descents. Spent a month out there this summer and wish I was back there everyday.
Advice to beginners: Don’t Give up. Pain is as good as money in our sport. Keep your chin up and stay loose.
Other sports: Moto braaap, running sometimes, throwing frisbee.
Other interests: Digging pumptrack, My dogs, Good looking Girls.
If I was not a professional mountain biker: Be working for the Sierra Buttes Trail stewardship Digging like a mad man.
This is what I want to do when I’m older. Live in the mtns and make rad trails everyday.

Year 2012 Highlights:
- Finishing Trans Provence injury free.
- Beating Jerome in Chile.
- The month of May in Europe racing and training is one ill never forget.
Year 2011 Highlights:
- 5th place Downieville dh.
- Traveling out of USA.
- Signing onto Cannondale Overmountain.
Year 2010 Highlights:
- Living in the woods.
- Motoing everyday.
- Filling all my deer tags in one month.