OverMountain is a family of boundary-breaking, dual-travel, dual-geometry, two-in-one superbikes that redefines the "all" in "all-mountain".
Whether you choose the Big-Mountain Claymore, The All-Mountain Jekyll and Scarlet, or the Cross-Mountain Trigger and Trigger 29'er, OverMountain's light, tough, and responsive frames, and ability to change travel, shock response and geometry on the fly let you ride more of the mountain, better than ever.



Be your own chairlift.
The big brother of the OverMountain clan, the Claymore brings unprecedented versatility and rideability to the big-mountain category. With the flick of a switch, it changes from a monster big-hit machine with 180mm of travel to a efficient trail bike with 110mm of travel. Never has so much downhill potential been so easy to pedal to the top.

> Claymore 1
> Claymore 2


Go anywhere. Ride anything.
The aggressive middle brother in the OverMountain family, the all-mountain Jekyll is the most versatile bike on the hill. With its 90 to 150mm on-the-fly adjustable travel, geometry that morphs from trail-bike nimble to high-speed stable at the flick of a switch, and an ultra responsive, flex-free chassis, the Jekyll is the perfect bike for Enduro racing.

> Jekyll Carbon 1
> Jekyll Carbon 2
> Jekyll MX
> Jekyll 3
> Jekyll 4


OverMountain. Over Anything
Climb with an ultra-efficient, nimble 80mm travel trail bike, descend with an unstoppable, stable, 130mm travel big-wheel trail machine. The Trigger 29'er combines OverMountain's dual-travel/dual personalities with the irresistable roll-over-anything momentum of big wheels. It's a perfect match.

> Trigger 29er 1
> Trigger 29er 2
> Trigger 29er 3


The perfect blend of cross-country speed and all-mountain capability: Pull the Trigger.

The speedy little brother of the OverMountain clan, the cross-mountain Trigger blurs the line between XC speed and all-mountain capability. Shorter travel with a more XC/Trail oriented geometry, Trigger brings the best of OverMountain technology to fast trail riders everywhere.

> Trigger Ultimate
> Trigger Carbon 1
> Trigger Carbon 2