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    Engineered for road performance with a ride-feel that could only come from Cannondale.

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    Rugged and capable off road weapons. 

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    Get fit, commute more and spend more time on two wheels.

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    Nimble and comfortable  bikes make the ride quicker, more comfortable and more enjoyable.



    Lightweight, power-assisted bikes that deliver a new level of performance, fun and function.

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    Women's bikes with the best fit, features and styles for whatever you want to do on two wheels.

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    Pass down the love of cycling with high-performance bikes built with room to grow.

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    From bottles and cages to pumps and bags, these hi-performance accessories are the perfect way to complete your Cannondale.


    Where innovation and technology collide creating the perfect upgrade to your Cannondale.



    Lightweight, comfortable and stylish with ultimate safety at their core. Featuring Cannondales patented Peak Protection technology.

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    Complete the look with our collection of technically advanced Cannondale apparel for all seasons.

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    Designed by women – for women, our range of Cannondale apparel gets the job done – in style!

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Spring Training Starts Now: Are You Ready?

You’ll stand out in the peloton this spring after designing your very own, one of a kind, custom kit. Thanks to our friends at Sugoi & Fabric, one lucky rider will win a custom jersey, shorts and matching Fabric saddle, grips/bar tape and water bottle! The winner will work directly with the Sugoi design studio and custom artist to create their own, personal, one-of-a-kind jersey and short kit.

How do you enter? Take advantage of our Spring Training Sale (scross down for bikes and pricing) or buy any Cannondale bike from your local dealer by April 10th and register your bike by April 15th to be entered to win.


Sale applicable in the United States only and at participating dealers.


Bike Model Original USD Sale Price USD Visit Bike
SuperSix EVO Hi-MOD Dura-Ace $7,990.00 $6,791.50 View
Supersix EVO Red $3,940.00 $2,999.99 View
Synapse Carbon Ultegra 4 $2,660.00 $1,999.99 View
Synapse Carbon Tiagra $1,840.00 $1,399.99 View
Synapse Carbon Tiagra Women's $1,840.00 $1,399.99 View
CAAD8 105 $1,410.00 $1,199.99 View
CAAD8 Tiagra $1,250.00 $999.99 View
CAAD8 Sora $1,030.00 $799.99 View
CAAD8 Claris $815.00 $699.99 View
CAADX Ultegra $2,130.00 $1,799.99 View


Bike Model Original USD Sale Price USD Visit Bike
F-Si Hi-MOD Team $9,060.00 $7,248.00 View
F-Si Hi-MOD 1 $6,390.00 $5,112.00 View
F-Si Carbon 2 $4,800.00 $3,840.00 View
F-Si Carbon 3 $3,410.00 $2,724.99 View
F-Si Carbon 4 $2,880.00 $2,299.99 View
F-Si 1 $2,340.00 $1,874.99 View
F-Si 2 $2,060.00 $1,649.99 View
F-Si 3 $1,840.00 $1,474.99 View
F-Si Carbon 1 Women's $4,260.00 $3,399.99 View
F-Si Carbon 2 Women's $2,880.00 $2,299.99 View
F-Si 1 Women's $1,840.00 $1,474.99 View
F-Si 2 Women's $1,410.00 $1,124.99 View
Habit 6 $1,950.00 $1,499.99 View
Habit 2 Women's $1,950.00 $1,499.99 View
Trail 2 $1,350.00 $999.99 View
Trail 3 $1,080.00 $949.99 View
Trail 5 $815.00 $624.99 View
Tango 4 $980.00 $749.99 View
Tango 5 $815.00 $649.99 View
Catalyst 2 $585.00 $449.99 View
Foray 2 $585.00 $449.99 View


Bike Model Original USD Sale Price USD Visit Bike
Quick 4 $705.00 $599.99 View
Quick 5 $600.00 $489.99 View
Quick 6 $490.00 $399.99 View
Quick 4 Women's $705.00 $599.99 View
Quick 5 Women's $600.00 $489.99 View
Althea 3 $575.00 $489.99 View
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