What attracted you to the bicycle industry?
I just love bikes no matter what type, although being an old codger that started out renovating proper old vintage lightweight road bikes that is where my heart lays. It is also watching and playing with all the new technology’s that keep coming out and even at the back of my part of the shop I still have a mini workshop so as that I can get my hands dirty.

How long have you been a Cannondale dealer?
I started with Cannondale in 1998 as I felt they were the best of the few company’s that push the boundaries of frame technologies.

How many employees do you have?
I have four full time staff members and two great part time staff.

Who is the longest serving member of the team?
Stuart as been with me for twenty four years since he was thirteen and is one of the world’s greatest wheel builders.

What's your speciality?
We specialise in building fantastic bikes and wheels! We always have a very busy workshop, where Dale is left to rebuild every type of fork and braking system and would say that he is the UK’s best Lefty and Headshok technician.

What do you see as the hot Cannondale products in 2012?Cannondale’s hottest product of the year must be the new Super Six Evo; every customer that goes for a test ride comes back with the biggest grin in the world, and is proving to be the easiest ever bike to sell.

What are your customers asking for the most?
Super six Evo!

Tell us about your favourite customer.
Favourite customer! Now that is a hard one as we have so many great customers, but if I had to chose it would be Trevor and Glyn as when either come into the shop it’s like a small child has just been locked in a sweet shop and they just can not stop themselves from buying the latest Cannondale. They both have so many Cannondale’s that they have to keep some at work as they do not have room at home.

What are your aspirations for the future?
Aspirations for the future, well I have no plans to take the world of bikes over, I will leave that to the online button pushers. I would like to see the shop carry on growing as we build new relationships with customers, as we always have done.

What makes you proud of the shop?
The huge number of customers that have become friends and part of the Chelmer Cycles family.

What's the best part about being a Cannondale dealer?
The best part of being a Cannondale dealer is never knowing what they are going to come up with next.

And finally, if your shop was a Cannondale, what bike would it be and why?
Easy, it would have to be a Super Six Evo because both of us are at the cutting edge of bike technology.