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Unlike your crazy ex, OverMountain is proof that dual personalities can be a really good thing. Rather than using compromised middle-of-the-road geometry and travel for climbing and descending, OverMountain solves the up/down dilemma with solutions like the DYAD dual travel rear shock and Attitude Adjust Geometry, giving the rider two bikes in one. With OverMountain, you’ll ride more of the mountain, better than ever.


1990 was an important year. It was the year the Ultimate Warrior beat Hulk Hogan at Wrestlemania IV and the year we built our first dual-suspension mountain bike.

24 years later, unlike the Hulk, we’ve only gotten better with age. The proof is in our incredibly refined Scalpel 29, our standard setting OverMountain bikes, and the ultra capable Rush 29.

Our F-Series Hardtails are the stuff of cross-country race legend. Whether you’re talking about the ultra-light, blisteringly fast BallisTec carbon models or the shockingly good SmartFormed Alloy versions, the F-series bikes get the racers’ hearts, well, racing...
For racers and beginner mountain bikers alike, the light weight, responsiveness, and value of a hardtail make it the weapon of choice. From top to bottom, we completely geek out on the tiniest details when creating our Trail hardtails and the proof is in how they ride.