More comfort. More Speed.

SAVE Micro-Suspension Technology is our series of four ride-tuned micro suspension systems designed to reduce road shock and vibration.

Through the use of sophisticated carbon layups and highly-manipulated aluminum we create areas on the rear chainstays and seatstays, fork blades or seatpost that resist side-to-side forces while absorbing the vertical and fore-and-aft forces caused by road bumps and vibrations. Less vibration and road shock results in reduced fatigue and increased comfort, letting you ride longer and ride faster.


Aerodynamic AERO SAVE mates energy saving shock absorption with slippery aerodynamic shapes. In a category overrun with harsh riding aero bikes, AERO SAVE offers a clear advantage: by absorbing the jarring vibrations of the road, AERO SAVE allows you to stay in the aero position longer, stay in better control over rough surfaces, and come off the bike fresher for the run. Chrissie Wellington's secret weapon.

Found on Slice.

Speed SAVE

Race-Oriented Much like the suspension on F1 cars, SPEED SAVE features are engineered not to simply make the bike more comfortable ,but to actually help it roll faster. Emphasizing light weight and torsional rigidity, SPEED SAVE delivers improved rolling speed, better acceleration, and dramatically faster cornering speeds without negatively affecting power transfer.

Found on SuperSix EVO, CAAD10, SuperX and Flash models.


Comfort-Race An updated version of the system that started it all, SAVE PLUS offers even more shock absorption and rider protection than SPEED SAVE. Perfect for carrying top speed over the cobbles of northern Europe or for smoothing out your next Gran Fondo.

Found on Synapse Carbon and Synapse Alloy.


Everyday, Mixed-Surface Riding All the best features of our SAVE technology engineered for flat handlebar, mountain and urban bikes. Whether dropping off a curb, hitting a pot hole or hopping a log; dodging obstacles on city streets or chasing the field in an offroad race, SAVE features are designed to reduce impacts, protect you from energy-sapping vibration and improve ride comfort.

Found on Quick, Bad Boy, Bad Girl, Trail, CAAD8 (CE – and Tesoro)