The Dual Personality Shock:

Two Shocks in One!

Elevate your soul and let it Flow.

Developed in collaboration with Cannondale, the dual-travel, dual-personality FOX DYAD RT2 is actually two completely different shocks housed in one package: Elevate – a shorter travel, smaller volume air shock for rolling and climbing terrain, and Flow – a longer travel, high volume linear air shock for aggressive descending.

Activated by a handlebar-mounted lever, each mode has its own dedicated damping circuits, fully optimized for the intended terrain. Rather than try to make one shock handle everything, we were free to create separate suspension responses for different needs – active and super efficient for the flats and climbs, ultra plush and bottomless for the descents.

Switching between the Elevate and Flow modes also changes the bike's sag point and geometry, a feature we call Attitude Adjust Geometry. In Elevate mode, the bike rides higher, resulting in steeper head and seat angles and keeping the rider in a better position for climbing and tight technical terrain. In Flow mode, the BB drops, lowering the center of gravity and making the angles slack and stable, perfect for charging descents.

With the DYAD RT2, it fundamentally is like having two different bikes available to you at the flick of a switch.