In fighting the good fight, BB30 is weapon number one.

Now an industry standard, BB30 had its humble beginnings right here at Cannondale and has been lauded by industry insiders. In 1993, Cannondale forever changed the bicycle industry and ride performance for the better. It was then that we changed frame standards by externalizing crankset bearings to gain a stiffer pedaling system. A stiffer pedaling system means better efficency, and improved ride results.


The Birth of BB30.


Never lose sight of where it all began...In 2000 while the industry standard bottom bracket spindle diameter was still 24mm, Cannondale introduced our System Integrated (Si) crankset designed in conjunction with an oversized bottom bracket shell and 30mm spindle, further reducing weight and increasing stiffness. It debuted at the Tour de France.

Recognizing it as a significant improvement upon the 24mm spindle systems available at the time, Cannondale made technical drawings available to the industry and licensed BB30 as an international standard.

Component and frame manufacturers are increasingly using the BB30 standard in response to customer request. The net result is that more consumers are able to enjoy radically improved torsional stiffness for better pedaling efficiency at a lighter weight. And industry experts have been extolling the virtues and beneifts of BB30 ever since.

"The Dynamic results add up to more than the numbers can ever communicate beforehand.The stiffness of the frame and the efficiency of the power transmission is astounding. The claimed four percent gain over the normal drivetrain componentry feels very much like what you experience when you change from a geared to a fixed wheel set-up. Except that here you still have a full choice of ratios. The whole process of pressing on the pedals was so direct and sharp that most of the time I found myself using two gears bigger than I normally would. The bike was such a joy to ride that every time I rode the thing I came back knackered because I had knocked the crap out of myself and totally enjoyed doing so."

Conclusion? This has to be the way forward for componentry and designing frames because the way this bike responds to power input is extraordinary. A delight to use, the incitement to go faster and encouragement it gives to the rider to do so are rare traits indeed; it's worth having just for these features. But when you add the lightweight, luscious finish and the Italian connection, it all adds up to a very enticing package. A bit like a younger lover, it makes you feel better. And, like the French say, everyone should have a lover: the best ones are always expensive but they're worth it." Review: Procycling Magazine 2001. Robert Millar, Tour de France King of the Mountains Champion 1984 reporting.




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Download the technical drawing for the BB shell interface.

The bicycle industry works with a number of constraints that can stifle innovation.


B30 is a free international standard that both frame and component companies can utilize to offer consumers more choice and better performance. Many other major cycling companies are currently manufacturing bicycles using this standard to improve performance.

The BB30 International Standard provides the specifications for an oversized bottom bracket shell for a bike frame. This standard allows for Direct-fit, pressed-in bearings and a 30 mm spindle. The system saves weight by accepting a 30mm aluminum spindle and eliminating cups that would normally hold the bearings.

The oversized bottom bracket of the frame provides more area to attach larger down tube, seat tube and chain stays to better resist deflection from pedaling forces.