Here's a short report from Marathon Nationals this weekend.  I was excited to make my first national championship pro podium!  I have full quality images of both of these two shot if you would prefer.  Thanks again.

This past weekend Bend, Oregon hosted the US Marathon National Championships for the second year running.  Bend is a true cycling community and boasts some of the best singletrack in the nation, with the national championship course covering 54 miles and climbing 6,000 vertical feel along the way.

Bend is in the midst of a very dry summer and there are forest fires close by.  Smoke may well have been a factor in the race, but the winds decided to cooperate on race morning leaving riders with smoke free air to breathe.  The trails themselves were fast, dry and dusty.

Alex Grant was on hand for CFR and raced to his first national championships podium.   "I am very happy with the result" said Alex, "I felt good, rode a smart and consistent race, and made my first nationals podium.  All in all a great day on the trails!"  Alex was in the lead group after almost an hour of racing until he lost visibility on a very dusty downhill and lost contact with the group.  From there he rode alone in 6th place most of the race, eventually passing a fading Steven Ettinger to take the last spot on the podium.  The race lasted almost four hours and included a wide variety of terrain.  Alex chose his Flash 29 for it's advantage on the climbs without sacrificing performance on the downhills and rougher sections.