This past weekend marked the end of the 2012 National Ultra Endurance series with the final race taking place in Dahlonega, Georgia.  The series finals were fought out on the tough Fools Gold 100 course, and it was set to be an exciting race with Jeremiah Bishop and Christian Tanguy tied for first overall in the series.

Bishop took home the win on his Flash 29 in 6 hours 42 minutes, and sealed up the overall victory.  Tanguy crossed the line 14 minutes later in 3rd after a hard fought race.

"Its was  a relief to cross the finish line in first today! I had no room for error since Christian Tanguy and I were tie coming into Fools Gold 100" said Bishop after the race. 

The race wasn't without it's share of drama as Jeremiah broke his chain during the closing miles of the race while in the lead.  Luckily he was able to repair it and get back underway before any riders passed him.  "I was on the side of the trail trying to be calm imagining how I might lose the whole series when Christian passes me!  My hands where shaking and luckily I was able to mend the chain with my Sram quick link in a couple minutes and took off like a shot."

Bishop chose to race his Flash 29 carbon hardtail in all of the NUE series raced this year.  "I was really happy with using the flash for most of the NUE 100 races it was the first time a Hardtail has won the series in several years. With the Save carbon stays and seat post I can use the Flash but not get as beat up. The 29r allows me to attack the climbs with no compromise."

Next up Bishop takes on the Pisgah Stage race while Alex Grant races the Marathon National Championships  in Bend, Oregon.