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  • OverMountain News / Aug 30, 2013 3:30:12 AM

    Jérôme Clementz Enduro World Champion!!!!!!!

    The Enduro World Series in Val d'Isère was an epic week-end! This 6th round was the decisive race: if Jey finished in front of Jared Graves, he would have enough points to win the overall of the World Enduro series!

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  • Racing News / OverMountain News / Aug 14, 2013 9:47:32 AM

    Enduro World Series #5 Whistler Canada : Jérôme CLEMENTZ 2nd!

    The first 4 stages took place outside the biek park into a loop where every rider had to be self sufficient. Jerome takes the win of 3 of them and still leads the number of "winning stage" (that's an intenal competition between the top pilotes!).

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  • OverMountain News / Aug 6, 2013 4:10:12 AM

    Video 12 Months 12 Stories - EP#7 - Double Down

    Big time of the year for Enduro racing: July is the month where you have to score big result and do your best at the most important race of the season.

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  • OverMountain News / Jul 30, 2013 4:54:07 AM

    EWS #4 Winter Park Colorado : Jérôme CLEMENTZ's win!

    Arrived in Colorado, we were ready to discover the American way of life ! Sram's guys lend a big van to travel to Winter Park, one of the highest resort of the Rockies. The format of the race is different from what we had so far: 3 days of racing with 5 stages.

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  • Special Events / Racing News / OverMountain News / Jul 16, 2013 3:45:49 AM

    MEGAVALANCHE 2013 : Jérôme CLEMENTZ's Victory! Mega Strong man!

    What a crazy week-end! After Les 2 Alpes, the team went to Alpes d'Huez to train and prepared the Megavalanche. This epic race starts from the Pic Blanc (3330 meters of elevation) into the Glacier and goes down in Allemont with 2600 meters of downhill. 2000 riders attended this amazing event.

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  • Racing News / OverMountain News / Jul 8, 2013 3:18:15 AM

    Enduro World Series #3 Les 2 Alpes : Jérôme CLEMENTZ's win!

    At the first seconds of the start, Jérôme was already in the race. This 1st stage was extremely physical and long, and Jey took the win with 25 seconds advanced in front of Nicolas Vouilloz. Good start! Afterwards the second stage was much more downhill oriented but Jey didn’t stop pushing hard: he finished 5th and closed to the front. Vouilloz came over this second stage and won it by 6 seconds in front of Jey…

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  • OverMountain News / Jul 1, 2013 9:19:48 AM

    EWS #2 Val d'Allos : Jérôme CLEMENTZ's race report

    The second round of Enduro Series was taken place in the small resort in Val d’allos. These 2 day of racing were very exhausted because each stage reaches around 1000 meters drop. At each stage, we’ve got one run practice and then one run racing.

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  • OverMountain News / Jul 1, 2013 5:40:30 AM

    12 MONTHS 12 STORIES EP#6 - Living for MTB

    As his girlfriend, it is not easy every day... Lots of MTB from dawn to dusk! As soon as he wakes up, his smartphone is already in his hand : first social media check (we never know if somebody was riding during the night...).

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  • Racing News / OverMountain News / Jun 17, 2013 10:06:14 AM

    Result Enduro Big Ride in Tui (Spain) / 16th of June 2013

    This 2nd edition of the national enduro in Spain named "Big Ride" has taken place in Tui last week-end. Last year Jérôme had already taken part of 2 Big Ride races (Cercedilla and Tui) and thanks to the invitation of the organizer, Guti Martin, we would like to go back to Spain.

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  • Racing News / OverMountain News / Jun 4, 2013 2:51:21 AM

    Jérôme Clementz wins Enduro des Hautes Vosges 2013 in la Bresse - Ben Cruz 4th.

    This 4th edition of the "Enduro des Hautes Vosges" was epic : 2 days of racing in terrible weather conditions with rain, mud and cold temperatures! But it was a really good challenge to reach the 8 stages during these 2 days of race.

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