Cannondale's OverMountain team of Mark Weir and Jason Moeschler wrapped up their BC Bike Race adventure in Whistler with a hard fought fourth place on the seventh and final stage to secure sixth overall in the duo category against some very tough competition.

The main thought of the team as the field rolled out was why did it have to start with a steep, 20-minute road climb? Good thing they had Elevate mode on their Jekylls to speed things up. This led to a fireroad that climbed even further before a long fireroad descent. According to the team there was not a lot of position changing going on until they finally hit the singletrack.

Weir led Jason through the rough, slick sections as they started to move up through the field. Once onto the famous Comfortable Numb trail their pace picked up considerably as the boys benefited hugely from their 150mm travel suspension. So effective were their Jekylls that while in fourth they had two teams in sight with plenty of descending to go. Unfortunately an untimely flat tire by Jason pushed them back into fifth. Not content to let it end this way, the team charged back to into contention and caught the fourth place team with about 3k to go. Coming into the final sprint Cannondale OverMountain took an inside line through a turn and literally jumped off a ramp to a flat street landing to move into fourth where they ultimately finished just a mere 16 seconds behind the third place team and just under a minute behind second.

It was a close ending to a phenomenal week of racing for the team, with a collection of results that no doubt adjusted the attitude of many riders when it comes to what a long travel bike can do. In the 90mm travel Elevate mode the Jekyll can climb with any short travel bike but when it comes to rough trails, there was no way other riders could compete with the fun our guys were having with 150mm of tender Flow travel.

"We picked the most fun bikes possible for this race," proclaimed Weir. "If your focus isn't just on results but to maximize the experience on rough, challenging trails, these are the bikes for you."

This was an attitude Jason was also quick to agree with. "We were looking to have the best time possible throughout the whole race so this was the bike to ride without a doubt."

Don't believe it? The OverMountain team is already making plans for a repeat performance next year.