I just touched down from five days in Sedona and I didn't even scratch the surface of possibility for riding that place….let me rewind for a second.

Jeff Lenosky, George Ryan (2 of my best friends and riding buddies) and I rolled into Sedona to shoot an article for MBUK and get our lungs and legs pumping again. So this was a "work" trip for us, fun yes, but still we had a job to get done. We drove into town on a Tuesday night with little to any knowledge of the terrain and trails. So we hit up the local bike shop, as any good rider knows, that's where you start.

The Bike and Bean in Sedona was the spot, the crew in the shop hooked us up big time. We grabbed up some supplies, trail maps and hit the dirt. The first thing that you notice when you hit the trails is that the scenery is breath taking, I travel all over the world and know that I take some locations that I've been for granted. But I couldn't help stop for a moment and take in the views. I was quickly interrupted by Rob, the photog - "lets go dude, time to, eat, I mean shoot".

Me specifically, this was my maiden voyage on my NEW 2011 Jekyll. I was ready to really put that thing to the test. I just wanted to get comfortable on my new ride and that I did. We did some climbing to some slick rock zones where we found some steep rock descents. Once we rode back down into the valley I switched the bike to elevate mode also known as 'shred mode' and sessioned a sweet hip step down for well over an hour. Everyone was tricking it and the vibe was super chill and there wasn't the pressure I usually feel on photo shoots. I kind of forgot we were shooting and just got into the riding, maybe that's the "magic" of Sedona that everyone talks about!?

The five days of riding flew by and I kept looking around thinking, "we didn't go over there.", "I wish we got to ride over there." Literally I feel like Sedona is a little gem, just made to have a fun time on a bike and that's what its all about, right?

So I gotta thank some cool people for their hospitality while in Sedona- if you ever go check out