He made it! This 3rd round of the EWS will be the good one...

At the first seconds of the start, Jérôme was already in the race. This 1st stage was extremely physical and long, and Jey took the win with 25 seconds advanced in front of Nicolas Vouilloz. Good start! Afterwards the second stage was much more downhill oriented but Jey didn’t stop pushing hard: he finished 5th and closed to the front. Vouilloz came over this second stage and won it by 6 seconds in front of Jey…

Let’s continue to stage 3: this hiking trail was very short and without pedaling. It was very tricky and you should be precise and avoid the mistake! Jey likes it and finished 6th.

Between the 3rd and the 4th stage, it started raining: Jey still have 23 seconds advanced in front of Vouilloz and needs to keep it. As he didn’t know the weather conditions was on the top (lots of field and grass sections), he changed in 2 tires… All the suspense was there for the spectators: the track was finally dry and Jey managed to finish 6th, 7 seconds behind Blenkinsop.

At the end Jey won in front of a high level of riders: Nicolas Vouilloz finished 2nd (+20') and the 3rd position was for Blenkinsop (+23')..

All the results: http://www.chronosome.fr/file/0217/cannondale-enduro-les-2-alpes-par-categorie.pdf

After these 3 rounds, Jey took the 1st place of the Enduro World Series' overall. Congrats!

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Pictures by Jeremie Reuiller.