The Enduro World Series in Val d'Isère was an epic week-end! This 6th round was the decisive race: if Jey finished in front of Jared Graves, he would have enough points to win the overall of the World Enduro series!

The race started with a very technical and steep downhill on Saturday morning: Jey had hard time to get into it. In the first 2 runs, he finished 4th and then 5th, behind the winner of them, Jared, with 20 seconds gap after 2 stages. Then a big storm happened and the conditions totally changed: mud, fog and cold temperatures. The organisation decided to keep only one run. Jey preferred this 2nd stage because it was long, and very natural: trial sections on the top and some physical in the middle. He took the risk to use mud tires and was one of the only to choose these set. He felt confident on the track, rode fast ans sidewyas to gain the stage with 44 seconds advanced in front of Jared. He end it up with the 1st place at the end of the day!

On Sunday, the snow was with us in the start! On the 1st run, Jey windened the gap with Jared by winning with 27 seconds advanced. But it was not over: the last stage was extremely physical and long (17'). Jared had to push hard to grab his last chance to catch back Jey. But Jérôme played it well with a good balance between safety and risk to resist from the strong come back of Jared. They finished together on the line, but that enough to keep 11 seconds advantage!

You can find the result here :

Jey also won the nationals with the French team : Fabien Barel and Rémy Absalon!!

Jérôme wins the overall and becomes the 1st Enduro World Champion! He is really proud to share this victory with you and would like to thank you for your amazing support.

Pauline was really happy of her results: she finised 5th! And she won the girl enduro nationals ranking with the French team: Anne-Caroline Chausson and Cécile Ravanel! What a great week-end!

Pictures - ©quentinendurotribe