As a member of the Cannondal Overmountain team, Marco Toniolo, a famous photographer and editor gave me the challenge to do some epic ride in the high mountain of Bolivia. My Claymore and I accepted and joined with René Wildhaber in this adventure.

Here few videos and text to understand what happen in Bolivia.

After some day of acclimatization in La Paz we went in Sorata, capital of trekking in Bolivia with cordiellera real as amazing background (lots of peaks over 6000m). We find there a trail built by one local rider, following a ridge on 16km. We stayed there riding for 3 days, with one over the clouds, that gave us a unforgettable feeling.

When you think that Incas didn’t have wheel, it’s hard to understand why the road they built are so good to ride a bike. We start this 3 days adventure at 4850m for a 78km singletrack and 2 night in the wood to reach La senda Verde (700m). That was a different aspect of riding, we did’nt car about speed, but we enjoy being there in a so wonderful landscape. During the downhill we rode on so many different kind of ground, from the desert, to grass, river and Jungle. We also met an incredible Japanese, full of life and humility who didn’t move from his place in the mountain since 1966.

3 hour north from La Paz, in the middle of nowhere, our guide drop us at the top of the gravel road telling us to follow the trail in front of us and warned us to keep our wheel on it. The reason is easy to find when you look around, there is only gravel and cactus. We Started going down and increase our pace by overtaking each other. That was so fun to ride on the limit, looking for some places to pass and being afraid to miss a turn and finish the face in a cactus. After this exhausting ride we really enjoy the hotspring at the hotel and a quiet night in a place without electricity.

Our Guide, Allistair, from Gravity Bolivia, has set up is basecamp in La Paz and scouted for all the trails around. It was so good to ride close to a so big city on singletrack with amazing views .What was incredible was that depending of which side of the city you ride, landscape and trails are so different. From this point of views La paz sound like the bike heaven.

Bolivia Rock!!!!! Riding there and spending 2 weeks in this country, with the locals people was a rich experience where you can learn a lot about the other and yourself. Moreover the riding was delicious and my Cannondale claymore was the perfect weapon for the ride. If I can give you one advice: Go to Bolivia. I would like to thank the Gravity Bolivia crew for the warm welcome , Rock Shox and my partners to allows me to do this kind of experience ,Marco and René to support me for 2 weeks and Earth to give us so wonderful place to ride.