Exactly one week after Megavalanche in Alpe d’Huez, marathon downhill riders met in Les 2 Alpes to ride the Mountain of Hell race.

Cannondale athletes, Jerome Clementz and Pauline Diffenthaler, arrived fresh off second-place finishes at Megavalanche the week before.

All Megavalanche events require athletes to complete in qualifying rounds in groups of 100.  Pauline Diffenthaler showed great form aboard her Scarlet, winning her qualifying wave, while Clementz finished 3rd in his wave.

Race day started bright and early at 6 AM.  The mountains had another idea in mind and with bad weather, heavy winds, rain and fog, the organizers made the decision to not send athletes to the 3600m elevation start.  Instead, the race began at the bottom of the glacier with all 500 riders starting en-masse.   The race was a tough one, 20k in length and with over 2,000 vertical meters of descending.  Filled with lots of climbing and technical sections, the race tested the mettle of the riders, but Jerome and Pauline both came across the line victorious.  Clementz in 34 minutes and 10 seconds; Diffenthaler finishing barely 14 minutes back and 89th overall among the men!

MASS START QUALIFYING starting at 2,600m altitude

Pauline Diffenthaler Cannondale rider

Jerome Clementz Cannondale rider

Jerome Clementz Easy Rider

Jerome Clementz


Pauline Diffenthaler