Registration opens for the May 12th, 2013 CycloFemme Ride With Powerful Momentum

As the 2013 CycloFemme celebration of Women in Cycling nears, registration opens with a head start.  After a very successful inaugural year, with 164 rides registered in 14 countries, CycloFemme continues to gain traction with the support of the cycling industry and advocacy organizations.

BOULDER, CO, USA (March 21, 2013) -- As registration gets under way for CycloFemme the May 12, 2013 Global Women’s Cycling Day, cycling companies, advocacy organizations, and bike shops are showing strong support.  After an inspiring first year with 164 rides planned across 14 countries, CycloFemme has continued to build momentum worldwide.

Among those promoting CycloFemme are healthy US cycling organizations People for Bikes and the League of American Bicyclists.

"Cyclofemme is a unique catalyst and universal call to action for individual riders and organized efforts around women and cycling.” says Carolyn Szczepanski of the League of American Bicyclists.  “This one day has already become an incredible unifying force, creating solidarity among the many women's initiatives in the U.S. and proving that, whether you're a commuting mom in Idaho or a road racer in California, women are a powerful and growing force in the bicycle movement.” Szczepanski states, after a powerful representation of the women’s cycling movement at this year’s Women Bike Forum in Washington, DC.

“The League couldn't be more honored to promote and celebrate this event as a part of National Bike Month" she said.

Although CycloFemme is celebrated annually on the US Mother’s Day, the spirit of the day continues to live on year round.  Many cyclists still find opportunities to adorn themselves with the CycloFemme mark, in the form of a temporary tattoo, showing support for the global movement at local cycling events and rides.

Cyclists around the world have also made a personal commitment by signing the CycloFemme Pledge to “inspire one more woman to ride a bike.”  Images of pledge signings can be found on along with pdf version to print, sign and share.

Continuing their support of CycloFemme in 2013, Cannondale is once again getting behind this celebration of women in cycling.

“The CycloFemme movement is an inspiration for us over here at Cannondale Women’s, it is a perfect extension of our beliefs and desires; to get more people – and women specifically – on bikes.” says Mandy Braverman, Global Marketing Manager for Cannondale.

“The larger Cannondale family has come on board in a big way.” Braverman states.  “We will be hosting CycloFemme pledge parties in each of our offices and subsequent rides on May 12th.  Between Cannondale, our affiliate brands and sponsored athletes/ambassadors, we anticipate hosting over 20 rides worldwide.  It will take a critical mass to truly change cycling for women.  It is larger than all of us and we are just excited to be a part of the movement with so many passionate people and brands.”

With these ringing endorsements, the organizers of CycloFemme are asking that other organizations match these efforts by planning and promoting rides around the world, thus showing their support of this burgeoning segment of the global cycling community.

With the statement “We Ride Together”, the goal of CycloFemme is to create a unified voice for women’s cycling by building a tribe of riders who recognize the need to empower one another and build a supportive community. 

“By reaching out to women and inviting them to join us on a ride we are paving the way to creating our most valuable cycling advocates.”  says Sarai Snyder, Founder of CycloFemme.  “As mothers, mentors, and teachers, women are the key to influencing future generations.  If a mother rides a bike, her children will too.”

The League of American Bicyclists, People for Bikes and Cannondale are joined by others in the cycling industry in celebrating CycloFemme including long time supporters Stan’s No Tubes, Twin Six, Sock Guy, Primal Wear, Pactimo, Focus Bikes, Rapha, events such as Race Across America, and many more.

Presented by Girl Bike Love, CycloFemme is global celebration to Honor the Past, Celebrate the Present, Empower the Future of Women in Cycling.  The mission states “Teach women to ride, and they will change the world.”