A podium to end the season!

What a good idea to go in Reunion Island in order to close the race season ! We decide to go riding our bikes in the sun and with high temperatures...But it was not the case! Once we arrived the rain started and it changed the race track! We didn't expect that scenario : mud, rain, and sleepery roots! Well, let's go to still ride bikes and enjoy the atmosphere!

On Saturday, riders made qualifications through 3 enduro stages. Jérôme finished 3rd of it. The race will be hard because all the top pilotes made them well !

On sunday, the race started in low visibility because of a thick fog from the Maïdo summit! The lava rocks of the beginning were totally recover by humidity and mud so it became a ice rink. Jérôme started in a good group and overtook some riders before the technical sections in the wood. He crashed hard and broke his peak in a tree chasing the 1st place that he got a bit later. He kept the 1st position in front of François Bailly Maitre for a while they were riding the singletrack together. Afterwards the race continues on a physical fire road section where François put the power down and as there is no more technical parts, Jérôme didn't have the opportunity to come back. François won the Megavalanche in front of Jérôme and Rémy Absalon. Jey is still happy with that result because he knows he gave his best and couldn't ride faster. Rémi Thirion got 4th and Florent Payet 5th!

Pauline had a safe race, she finished 2nd behind Inès Thoma and Napine Sapin took the 3rd position!

Happy to finish the season with that ranking, she said that it was a real challenge to go down this muddy Megavalanche!