After travelling during winter times, we spent time at home in Alsace so we had time to enjoy riding in our place. "Les Vosges" forest has a large number of good trails where you can organize lots of good riding session with friends.

Finally it is what we like!

That's why Jérôme would like to show you a special DH in the 1st part of the video: the riders with him are Richard DELAUNAY, Emile PRESSAGER and Eliott LAPOTRE. Originally for Alsace, they built the DH themselves and give to the rider a nice place to go fast and with fun.

The 2nd part of the video is filmed next to Jey's place in Guebwiller. His brother Pierre CLEMENTZ joined him for the shootage and you can see which kind of trails Jérôme is riding during his free time and his training.

After a good riding, we used to have a good drink and go eating in a “ferme auberge” (restaurant which takes place in the mountain and which serves only their local productions) : for us that’s a real good day of mountain biking!

The team is happy to introduce to you the 4th episode of 12 MONTHS 12 STORIES named "Friends and brotherhood":


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Enjoy it!

Jérémie, Pauline, Jey, Pierre, Emile, Eliott, Richard, Guillaume, Nuss, and Damien.

Photo by Nuss.