After six of seven hard fought races in the first year of the Enduro World Series, Cannondale OverMountain's Jerome Clementz clinched the overall title. Regardless of what would happen at the final round of the series in Finale Ligure, Italy, Jerome would become the first ever Enduro World Champion. Cannondale's mountain bike sports marketing manager Daniel Hespeler commented "To win the first ever Enduro World Series is an achievement that definitely deserves some recognition and we wanted to give Jerome a special Jekyll for the last race of the series." The one of a kind paint scheme was designed by Cannondale's Katy Steudel and incorporates the rainbow colours of the EWS logo, Jerome's personal sponsors, and lots of small Jerome touches like his bird logo.

"I didn't know I was getting the new bike until just a few days before the race. I love it! SRAM and Mavic put all new parts on it and I was pretty excited to see if I could get the last win of the year on it before I hang it on my wall", said Jerome after the race. "Now that I won on it and have the overall title, the bike is even more special to me." Jerome Clementz.

What a crazy week-end in Finale Ligure (Italy) for the last run of the Enduro World Series. 2 days of racing with 6 stages were planned for the 7th EWS. And Jérôme was one more time the strongest!

On Saturday, the war between Jared Graves and Jérôme has already started! Afterwards 3 stages (the 4th was cancelled due to an accident which has delayed the race), the time between the 2 monsters was extremely tight : Jared was ahead with only 0.1 second advanced to Jérôme. Fabien Barel took the 3rd position after the 2 leaders (+10.6') and the most impressive junior, Martin Maes, followed them (+16.9 sec).

All the results for saturday the 19th:

On Sunday, the top pilotes started at 8 am, when the organisation decided to stop the race because an ambulance was late. Jerôme and Jared were already 7 km from the village riding their transfer, and a car took them back to he start! But finally the organisation drive them again at the point they were pick up to continue the transfer.

Jérôme was not disturbed because he won the 1st of the day ahead of Nicolas Lau (+0.6') and Jared Graves (+1.3'). The suspence was still there for the last stage! Jérôme has a good one and reached the 2nd place of that one behind Nicolas Lau (+7.6') and in front of Jared (+9.6').

Jérôme finally won the race ahead of Jared Graves (+2.7') and Martin Maes got the 3rd place (+25.1')! Congrats to the boys for this beautiful race!

All the results of Sunday and overall:

"Tonight I will celebrate my Enduro World Champion title. I would like to thank everybody for your precious help during all the season and clink a glass for our team work!" Jérôme

Pauline had a safe race, she finished 10th but was happy because she had a lot of chearing during all the race from the supporters! She reached her goal, to finish the Enduro World Series in one piece!