This 4th edition of the "Enduro des Hautes Vosges" was epic : 2 days of racing in terrible weather conditions with rain, mud and cold temperatures! But it was a really good challenge to reach the 8 stages during these 2 days of race.

On Saturday, I started with the number plate 4 and I was in good position to see my 2 main competitors : Nicolas Lau and François Bailly-Maitre. We had to climb by bike the 4 stages which made the competition physical. At the end of the day I finished 1st in front of Nicolas Lau with an advantage of 15 secondes.

On Sunday morning, I started 1st so I had to be strong to keep my ranking. The stages were harder and harder because of the mud, but I succeed to confirm my place.

After this demanding week-end, I finish 1st and I was happy to be part of my friend Rémy Absalon's race. Congrats to my teammate Ben Cruz who finishes 4th Thanks to the good organisation of IRWEGO and all the volunteers who had help during this rainy week-end.


Please use the pictures attached with the copyright: ©Aurélien KNECHT and the podium one: ©Benoit Grébaux.