What a crazy week-end! After Les 2 Alpes, the team went to Alpes d'Huez to train and prepared the Megavalanche. This epic race starts from the Pic Blanc (3330 meters of elevation) into the Glacier and goes down in Allemont with 2600 meters of downhill. 2000 riders attended this amazing event.

Jey's has already attended 13 edition of the Megavalanche and has won it 2 times (+1 in Junior). He would like to reach the 3rd victory. A selection of high level riders attended the race : Rémy Absalon, Nicolas Lau, Dan Atherton, Sam Dale, Nicolas Quere, Ludovic May.

This year the glacier was very long and fast: Jey had a strategic start (on the right side to avoid the risk of fall due to too much riders in the 1st turn). He went really fast (Iago Garay was behind him and reach 104 km/h..) He went out the snow in 3rd position behind Rémy Absalon and Dan Atherton. After the glacier Dan had a little crash in the rock and lost some seconds and Jey chose a clever line to pass him over. He contiued to race in the front without any rest because Dan and Rémy were very closed (around 10 seconds). A lond pedaling section took him an advantage and he was supported by a lot of spectators chearing at him! On the last part, he succeeded to go down fast and precise to reach the final line with a new record : 00:38:42 !

Pauline has also done a crazy race : she finished in the 2nd position behind the legend Anne Caroline CHAUSSON and in front of 100 girl riders! After 2 crashed on the glacier she went out in the 10th position and he succeeded to come back slowly to each rider. She has done the show in the climbing by passing over 3 girls in less than 2 minutes!