Hi people,

As you may know, I enjoy some Fall adventure in Chile with my Cannondale Team mate Ben Cruz.

We had a amazing trip through Santiago and then travelled to the south of Chile last weekend for the National Enduro Race in Valdivia organize by the website www.montenbaik.com

After a very long road trip with 5 people stuffed in a car towing a trailer full of bikes, we arrived in a wonderful place near the coast. 

The area was awesome, but we couldn’t ride the actual trails from the race, so with the help of a local shop, bike aventura we explored the area. What an amazing experience to ride in the eucalyptus forest with the pacific in the background.

The next day the race was awesome but at the same time really hard. The time between stages were so short we had to push hard for the whole 34km’s. Once again the scenery helped and the trails were so much fun that it was a great day on the bike. 

Ben Cruz talking: “Racing down here is awesome! all the people are sooo hyped to meet us and to be racing against us. the scene at the race was insane, sea in the backdrop, ripping fast trails and beer on tap at the finish! couldnt ask for more!.....”

All the special stages went well and I finally took the 2nd place, 3sec behind Ben Cruz and In front the locals heroes, Nicolas Prudencio, Pedro Ferreira and Claus Plaut. 

A big Congrats to Ben for his win, I'm stoked for him but hope he doesn’t beat me too often (cheers bro)

It was great to discover the enduro scene in Chile. All the riders were so friendly and happy to chat with us.

Good memories - Taking the ferry to go to the race, racing with the sea in the background and seeing how enduro is growing is south America was a good experience. 

Now we will spend 1 week riding in the Andes mountains and bring back some amazing pictures plus a cool video for you.

Photos credit: Juan Luis De Heeckeeren.

text by Jerome Clementz