How many people work at your shop?
We have four people working at our store, on our shop floor Scott, James and Ian and our mechanic John in our workshop.

How long has your shop been doing business?
Our shop is now going into its 8th season.

What is your shop’s specialty?
Our shop specialises in Road Cycling and Cyclocross but we also do Mountain Bikes.

What do your customers request most often?
Our customers often request for the Cannondale Super Six.

Tell us about your ideal customer.
Our ideal customer is anyone that walks through our door, we do not mind if you are a professional racer or just a beginner we will give the same service to everyone.

What makes you most proud of your shop?
We are most proud of our high end Road section in our store with a mix of Cannondale, Bianchi and Cipollini bicycles.

Do you have any goals or aspirations for the shop?
We want to continue selling lots of bicycles and keeping this great sport that we love growing.

If your shop was a Cannondale model, which would it be and why?
If our shop was a Cannondale bicycle we would be a Evo Hi-Mod Dura-Ace DI2 as we provide the right look for a high end shop and we also give the best service and performance to all our customers.

What’s the best part about being a Cannondale retailer?
The best part about being a Cannondale retailer is knowing that we are stocking one on the best bicycle brands in the world and that being as we all ride Cannondale's or have done in the past, having the confidence to sell this amazing brand and the right product for the customer to meet all their needs and expectations.

How has Cannondale’s involvement with the pro peloton helped or influenced your customer or shop?
Cannondale having a Pro Team helps hugely with our customers as they are constantly asking what they are riding and why, it is a great influence to our customers to ride Cannondale as a brand and gives us allot to talk about with them as well.

Anything else you want to share?
We would like to wish The Cannondale Pro Cycling Team good luck for the tours this year, thank you to Cannondale for doing this article on our shop and a big thank you to both our rep and in house office support they are the best in the industry!