Any superstitions or pre-race rituals?
I carry a copy of Rudyard Kipling's If everywhere i go, and read it before the race. I also write it on my race water bottles. The poem is kept with a few special cards, and also a rock that one of my best friends Billi bought me back from the summit of Mt Everest. I always touch the rock before i race.....

Lastly, the only time I paint my toenails is before a race - a dubious shade of bright red. It was a lesson learnt from Belinda Granger before Kona 2007. It helps protect my nails and hides any damage that the marathon might cause!

What is your tactic for handling tag-a-long training partners?
Drop them like a hot potato and they dont ask to come back! after all, its survival of the fittest out there! (i think the boys also try this tactic with me though - requiring tenacity and balls of steel in my attempts to keep up!)

Is life in CO like constantly being in an altitude tent?
Its pretty tough to get in enough air when you first arrive in Boulder, but your body soon adapts. And really, its nothing compared to the oxygen deficit at 5000m+ in the Himalayas!

What is the weirdest thing anyone has asked you to sign?
A cleavage. My pen wasnt big enough.

You’re known for blazing-fast (world-record setting) speeds at the Ironman distance – any key workouts that you HAVE to do before each race to feel ready?
Yes, my eating workout! and specifically, the consumption of a huge industrial sized bowl of tuna pasta the night before. It always puts me in race mode and ready to rumble!

You’ve been seen eating burgers at the finish line of Ironmans and perhaps a pina colada once in a while… Do you deny these allegations?
I live life to the full, and that includes my post race record setting culinary exploits! Burgers, kebabs, pizzas and yes, maybe even the odd cocktail to wash it down are the mainstay of any post race rehydration and refuelling strategy. Did someone say mojito?!