Giro d’italia

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May 19 - 24, 2014








Giro d’italia Pro Bike Tour - OVERVIEW

Giro d’italia Pro Bike Tour OverviewThe Giro - 3266km and only ONE maglia rosa. Leave it to the 2014 Giro d’Italia to create a dramatic race where Nibali will have to give all to defend his title. You’ll live the electrifying stages of the 2014 Giro d’Italia, with behind-the-scenes access to the Cannondale Pro Cycling Team. The setting is one of Italy’s most celebrated wine regions, Piedmont. Ride along quiet, narrow roads that wind around some of Italy’s most scenic ridgelines. Taste the famous bold three: Barolo, Barbera, and Barbaresco. Climb into the vine-covered Langhe hills surrounded by the towering Alps and Appenines. You’ll never forget the sweeping vistas overlooking the Dolcetto and Moscato vineyards, your delectable lunch at Massimo’s “hidden” ristorante or the family welcome you received at Guido’s farmhouse. No cycling vacation in Piedmont is complete without experiencing the unforgettable cuisine from the birthplace of the Slow Food Movement.