Kona Championships

Kona Championships Itinerary



The word means much more than hello. It is an extension of care and respect. Your guides will be saying “aloha” to you all week, starting with our meeting in Kailua-Kona. After we meet, we will take you to one of the great Kona coffee plantations where some of the finest coffee in the world originates. Our host will explain the delicate process that turns the seeds of the bright red fruit into the stimulant that starts so many of our days. Electrified, we will return to our King Kamehameha resort to hit the ground running with Heather Jackson, rising tri-star. Set your pace with one of the world’s best and see how you compare over a 90-minute run. Afterwards, we will take time to dial you into your Cannondale bike, so that this week’s rides can start strong and finish strong. Tonight we will eat healthily at one of Kailua-Kona’s seaside restaurants that serve fresh seafood from the island.

Meals: Light Lunch / Dinner
Run: 90 min
Hotel: King Kamehameha’s Resort



Riding with the Best

At breakfast take notes of what you eat, and see how it compares with none other than four-time Ironman World Champion Chrissie Wellington!

She will speak to us about her experiences as a World Champion and give us some of here dietary advice before leading us by bike into the crucible of the triathlon's experience, the infamous Energy Lab.

Riding the dry and hot conditions of this stretch of road will allow you to empathize with the competitors who will be fighting through it in a few days’ time. This afternoon we can take a rest before we head up to the Kaloko-Honokohauto National Park to watch the sunset while learning about the life and culture of the indigenous tribes that populated the island. Dinner will be another delicious feast in town.

Meals: Breakfast / Dinner
Bike: 2 hours
Hotel: King Kamehameha’s Resort



Meeting with Dolphins, Then Keep on Rolling...

The day will start early, but we’ve some new friends that just can’t wait! Getting in our kayaks at 7:00 will allow us to enjoy the comfortable cool of the day, wake up the muscles, and meet up with a pod of dolphins! Prepare to meet some of the most intelligent animals on earth as we will spend two hours with these amazing creatures.

After we return and have breakfast, the day is all about the bike. We will once again attack the Energy Lab on our way out to the peninsula town of Hawi. You will be amazed at the change in environment as we pass from the arid eastern coast to the much more verdant northern coast. Unlike the racers of the following day, we will continue just a little bit further beyond Hawi, rolling over to the end of the road. A 20-minute hike will bring us to the stunning Pololu Valley Beach.

After a spectacular picnic lunch, we can explore the cliffs and parkland around the beach. After we have stretched our legs a bit, we’ll hop in the van back to Kailua-Kona. This evening, dinner will be your choice; your guides will point out some great restaurants.

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch
Mileage: 60 Miles
Hotel: King Kamehameha’s Resort



The Race! And plankton.

After a 30-min. run today, we'll become fans, watching one of the most grueling sporting events in the world. Enjoy the atmosphere as you watch men and women push every sinew of their bodies to the limits. Feel free to stroll and wander about and look for your favorite athlete from the VIP viewpoints. As the race winds down we will meet a local guide who will take us dusk scuba-diving to watch manta rays as they feed on plankton.

Afterwards we will enjoy our own dinner before heading back to the race to cheer those racers who just make it in time.

Meals: Breakfast / Dinner
Run: 30 min run
Hotel: King Kamehameha’s Resort



The Finish Line!

Inspired by all those athletes? We’ll do our own triathlon today, with some high-caliber competition. Chrissie Wellington will join us again for a Sprint swim (750m), Olympic ride (40km) and Sprint run (5km)! After a delicious lunch prepared by your guides, take the afternoon to relax and recuperate by the pool and be prepared for the evening – we’ll have great seats for the Ironman awards banquet at our hotel! The event will allow us to see the winners up close (and smiling) as everyone in attendance reflects on what a great event they have experienced.

Meals: Breakfast / Lunch / Dinner
Swim: 750m / Ride: 40km / Run: 5km
Hotel: King Kamehameha’s Resort



Our Finish Line

After a final breakfast at our hotel, we will make our way to the Hilo Airport, on the way we will stop at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where we will get a chance to learn about the volcanic activity on the island. Afterwards we will deliver you to Hilo so you can continue to your next adventure!

Meals: Breakfast
Tour:  Minimum 2.5 hours running, 6-7 riding, 2 hours swimming