Get Connected

Introducing the app that connects you to your bike in a whole new way.

The Cannondale App automatically logs ride activity, has every detail about your bike and can even remind you when it’s time for a tune up.
2 Ways to Track Your Ride
1. With your phone
Use your phone’s GPS and the NEW “Start/End Ride” button to map your ride and get complete control over when it starts and ends. You can track rides on any bike. 
2. With your wheel sensor
Automatically track your rides with the Cannondale Wheel sensor.  Just ride and sync with your app later.  
If you use both your phone and a connected wheel sensor, you will get the most accurate real-time speed, distance and moving time! 
The Cannondale Wheel Sensor
A hyper-accurate wheel sensor that records speed, distance and time. It's easy to set up and automatically records rides upon movement, no need to press any buttons. It can also record up to 30 rides before requiring to sync with the App.
View your progress
Get insights into how your rides progress over time and follow along as you get fitter and faster.
Bikes are better
See how you and the Cannondale community are reducing your carbon footprint every time you choose to ride instead of drive.
Smart service
Automatic service reminders based on ride hours, curated video content, and service records help you keep your bike healthy.
SmartSense support
Use the Cannondale App to customize your SmartSense lights and radar experience on the new 2022 Synapse bikes with SmartSense.
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Every detail about your bike from the seat height to what type of chain you have is stored in one place - at your fingertips.


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