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The Science of Speed

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It takes a system.

To say the SystemSix represents a unique approach to aerodynamic optimized bike design would be a bit of an understatement. Our holistic approach to speed represents the pinnacle of what a race bike designed from the ground up can really deliver. Ground up? Indeed. The entire SystemSix project began with a quest to design the fastest wheel possible for modern tire volumes. And we built from there, developing the frame, fork, seatpost, bars, stem and wheels together as a complete speed system. Taking full advantage of disc-only optimization. Tailoring frame tube profiles to control airflow at every point. Developing a bar/stem combo that delivers the fast without forgoing the fit. Yielding the most positive wind tunnel data we’ve ever seen. And all within UCI limits.

The Foundation of Fast.

The most important part of the world’s fastest system, the SystemSix frame and fork are the rock upon which speed is built. Every tube shape painstakingly engineered to be as immune to drag as possible. Purposeful asymmetry for instant response to disc brake and pedaling loads. Impeccable handling and classic road race feel thanks to geometry derived from our gold standard EVO. And of course, scores of refined details designed to speed you up and not let you down.

Optimized Against Every Aspect of Drag.

Foiling Drag.
Every section of the frame and fork features tailored airfoil profiles, with differing degrees of truncation designed to maintain flow attachment across important yaw angles and minimize drag.

The Chine.
The unique chine shape at the base of the headtube redirects air flow coming up the back of the fork leg, channeling it downstream. This prevents the fork's airflow from mixing with the wake of the head tube and interrupting clean air over the fork crown.

Sleek as Fork.
Freed from the constraints of rim brakes, the fork crown area is radically different from traditional road bikes. Sleekly integrated with the frame for minimal drag. Larger opening for bigger tires and cleaner airflow. Asymmetric legs for handling disc brake loads.

Bigger Meet Better.

Conceived as the first component of the SystemSix project, the HollowGram 64 KNØT is one of the absolute fastest wheelsets on the planet. Its unique design combines the speed benefits of an ultra-low drag profile with the real-world rideability benefits of larger volume tires. Incorporating some ideas pioneered by our friends at HED, the disc-specific design is significantly wider than other road wheels. That extra width both makes tires effectively bigger than their marked size for better ride quality (a 23c tire measures a full 26mm on our wheel), and helps air flowing over the tire reattach cleanly to the rim, maximizing flow attachment and minimizing drag. The rim shape is optimized for 26mm (23c) tires, but the 64 KNØT design exhibits minimal changes in drag with even larger tires, giving riders the option to go bigger for comfort, grip and reduced rolling resistance without paying an aero penalty. It’s pure speed, without compromise.

System of Control.

The KNØT SystemBar is a slick bit of speed wizardry, providing the low drag and sleek look of a one-piece bar and stem, with the customizable adjustability of a two-piece system. The carbon bar features a full 8° of pitch adjust, so you can dial in your perfect position. And the rounded truncated airfoil shape of the flat section not only maintains consistent airflow throughout the pitch range, it’s also way comfier on your hands than the sharp trailing edge of other aero bars.

In addition to giving the bars a place to perch, the mating System Stem routes brake and Di2 lines cleanly into the headtube via a channel underneath a mechanic-friendly removable cover. And speaking of mechanic-friendly, shape-matched gated spacers allow you to easily adjust the stem’s stack height, without having to disconnect cables. Fast and easy, just how you like it.

The Most Post.

It's a common misconception that seatposts are insignificant to performance. In actuality, the airflow in this region is significantly faster than the clean air at the front of the bike, due to the flow accelerating between the rider's legs. The truncated airfoil shape of the SystemSix post is a big part of the world's fastest speed result.


Power Made Easy

Power measurement is a valuable tool for anyone serious about improving their performance, but adding a power meter system to your rig can be a costly and complex project. To make it as easy as possible for our riders to join the power revolution, we’ve partnered with Power2Max to offer their ready-to-activate NG Eco Power Meter Systems on select models.

For full details, activation instructions and the one-time activation fee, visit the Power2Max website


Get To Know SystemSix

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  1. Power2Max

    Power2Max is a game- changing power meter design that comes pre-installed on most SystemSix models. SystemSix owners simply activate a subscription with Power2Max and start collecting data.

  2. Built for Bottles

    Downtube and seat tube shapes minimize the aero effect of bottles, because that’s how we ride. And multi- option mounts let you choose maximum aerodynamics or maximum hydration.

  3. SwitchPlate

    An interchangeable plate atop the downtube houses the Di2 junction box, allowing easy access for charging or adjustment. A separate plate accomodates mechanical routing. There’s even a blank for eTap.

  4. Hidden Advantages

    Fully hidden brake and Di2 lines for a super clean, cable-free aesthetic. Our internal routing goes through an opening in front of the headtube and outside of the headset bearings, making it uncommonly easy to set up.

  5. Speed Release Equipped.

    For faster and easier wheel changes, the frame and fork use the Speed Release thru- axle standard. Compatible with any standard thru-axle wheelset. It’s a faster way thru.


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