True Endurance 

The Synapse has always been a machine dedicated to the pursuit of full-day, full-throttle adventures. A legendary platform – multiple Bike-of-the-Year winner, raced by the world's best in the world's toughest races, hero of countless unnamed and unheralded exploits – the new bike takes what has always worked and makes it better...much, much better.

View the stories of our true endurance athletes aboard the All-New Synapse.

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This is for the riders. You know the ones — the chargers, the searchers, the hammers with nothing to prove — except to themselves. The ones who live to go long and go hard. Not for victory or glory, but to create experiences that etch themselves indelibly on the soul. Immersed. Connected. At one with the purity of the road, the machine, and the moment. That’s true endurance riding. This is true endurance machinery.







The All-New 

Built for big rides and long days, the new Synapse offers full performance, all-day geometry, wide-ranging capabilities and a micro-suspension system that insulates you from the bumps without isolating you from the experience. It’s a true endurance machine, for true endurance riders.

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