The comfort, confidence and speed of the Quick model is the perfect jumping-off point for your cycling adventure. Trade in the four walls of the gym for two wheels and the open road, and let the journey begin.

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  • Be seen

    Take safety the extra mile. Each Quick model comes with eye-catching 360° reflective elements, so you'll always be seen.

  • Comfort is key

    Enhanced SAVE micro-suspension features in the rear triangle, plus ergonomic grips, pedals and saddle ensure that comfort goes hand in hand with fitness.

  • Assured control

    Our sporty OutFront steering geometry takes the effort out of exercise, thanks to its incredible stability, handling and ease.

  • Light is right

    Quick fitness bikes live up to Cannondale's world-famous reputation, and are the lightest in their class. That means they're easier to pedal, lift and love!

  • Smart size

    Both Quick and Quick SL frames share sporty geometrical features that offer easier reach to the bars, and come with consistent jumps in stack and reach across all sizes, so fitting is a cinch.

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