Quick NEO EQ

Equipped for fast commuting and sportive adventure riding, this fully-loaded version of the new Cannondale Quick NEO blends high-speed fun with wide versatility for a ideal urban machine.

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  • Comfortably Fast

    Quick NEO EQ offers real road-bike speed, the upright comfort and control of flat handlebars, and the kind of handling that will have you scanning maps for the curviest roads.

  • Confident Control

    OutFront Geometry delivers high-speed stability with a quick, nimble road-bike feel. And as a bonus, it reduces the chance of toe overlap with the front wheel on smaller sizes.

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Equipped for anything

The Quick NEO EQ e-bike is ready to roll from day one; it comes with integrated rack and fenders, Supernova lights, and versatile WTB Exposure tubeless-ready tires, so you can hit the ground running and never look back.

The sky's the limit

Neatly integrated into the downtube, the 500Wh PowerTube battery packs a powerful punch of energy, enough to sustain even the longest day on the road (or off it!).

Comfort and speed

Combining the speed of a road bike, the comfortable upright ride position and effortless control of flat handlebars, and dreamy handling that makes even the most challenging of trails a breeze, the Quick NEO EQ e-bike is a ready-for-anything all-rounder that riders fall head over heels for.

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