Last Revised: January 2, 2015


As a service to our viewers, we are offering this link to the US Consumer Product Safety Commission web site for additional information on product recalls.

For a list of recalls previously documented, visit our recall information page.

All Cannondale bicycles are shipped with a general Owner's Manual. Most models are also shipped with one or more owners manual supplements that cover features unique to that bike, for example Headshok forks, disc brakes, or some of the special information that tandem riders need. It is important to your safety and to maximize the performance of your Cannondale that you read all of the documents that were shipped with your bicycle.

Some cynical lawyers would suggest we tell you that you need to read and understand all these materials. We believe you are intelligent enough, care enough about your well being and the use of your time that you will read with the goal of understanding. The owners manual supplements may be even more important to your safety than the general owners manual.

We care enough about this that we have placed the following notice in our retailer agreement: "Retailers must deliver ALL literature and instructions supplied by Cannondale with a given bicycle to the retail customer of that bicycle, and urge that it be read before use." If you suspect that you do not have all of the instructional materials that should accompany your bike, double check with your retailer and call Cannodale at 1-800-BIKEUSA (245-3872). You may also find these instructional materials in our Tech Center.

Warning: Catalog and web site product descriptions are not instructions. You must read and follow written instructions that accompany any products.

INSPECTION AND SERVICE: It is important for your safety that your bicycle is regularly inspected and serviced. Both you and your retailer must be involved in inspection and service. Follow this link to Tech Notes published by Cannondale. In all cases these communications, or very similar communications on the same topic, have been mailed to Authorized Cannondale bicycle retailers. We also urge you to follow this link to Section D of the Owners Manual, entitled Inspection for Safety.

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