What It Is:

A revolutionary bottom bracket technology, invented by Cannondale and adopted industry-wide.

Why It Matters:

It creates lighter, stiffer cranks and bottom brackets for greater pedaling efficiency.

Back in 2000, Cannondale revolutionized bottom bracket technology by oversizing the bottom bracket shell and replacing the heavy, flexy steel BB spindle with a 30mm aluminum spindle with a unique, stress-reducing wave-taper crank interface. The result was BB30, a system that is not only significantly lighter, but also significantly stiffer than traditional designs. We released the design as a free industry standard and the rest, as they say, is history. BB30 is now available in many different spindle widths and and configurations to fit different designs but the 30 mm spindle and wave-taper crank interface remain the same.

An example of this is the new BB30A found on the Synapse. The "A" stands for Asymmetric - the BB30A adds 5mm to the non-drive side of the BB shell for a wider, stiffer base. To accomodate the wider BB shell, the BB30A gets a longer spindle and the non-drive side crankarm angle is changed to maintain the same Q factor and even out ankle clearance on both sides. Cannondale Hollowgram BB30A cranks will work on both BB30 (68mm BB width) and BB30A (73mm bb width) by changing the non-drive side spacers.

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