Si - System Integration

What It Is:

Our philosophy of designing frames and key components together as a system to achieve higher levels of performance.

Why It Matters:

Si allows our engineers to create better performance solutions like BB30, Ai and OutFront without having to wait around for the rest of the industry to decide it's a good idea.

We pride ourselves in making the most kickass, cutting edge frames in cycling. That’s great and all, but you don’t race a frame, you race a complete bike, so it just seems like common sense to design it like one. The essence of our System Integration philosophy is that if key

The essence of our System Integration philosophy is that if key components of the bike are optimized to work specifically with each other and with the frame, the result is a better performing bike. Rather than limiting ourselves by designing frames to accept off-the-shelf standards, we develop component technologies and frames as a complete package, each designed specifically for the other. Technologies like Lefty, BB30, HollowGram, OutFront Steering Geometry and our Ai Drivetrain offer real, tangible benefits to the rider, and all are a direct result of our System Integration philosophy. Si bikes are lighter, stiffer, better handling and simply faster than anything else out there. Don't compromise…Optimize!

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