Get more out of every ride—more runs, more miles, more tops and more drops than ever before. With 130mm of dialed suspension, rock-solid stiffness and an incredibly low center of gravity, Moterra brings a new level of flickable, nimble, agility to e-mtbs. It's real mountain biking, only more so.

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  • The Mount that Motors

    Unlike the standard mounting nodes used by others, our proprietary Si motor mount positions the Bosch drive unit in the best place for optimal suspension performance and sweet handling.

  • Short and Sweet

    The Si motor mount and Ai offset chainring give the Moterras the shortest chainstays on the market for incredibly nimble handling and killer traction.

  • The Lowdown

    Unique battery integration delivers a super low Center of Gravity and ideal weight distibution for awesome agility and stability, making quick moves up and over obstacles ridiculously easy.

  • Properly stiff

    With their extra weight and power, a lot of e-mtbs feel flexy and imprecise. Moterra's Torsion Box downtube, ECS-TC pivot thru-axles and wide 157mm rear hub give it a rock-solid feel for wicked handling and control.

  1. Short Chainstays
    157mm rear hub and Ai offset chainring deliver short chainstays, a stiffer rear end and lots of tire clearance.

  2. Double Cartridge Bearings
    For extra stiffness and durability, Moterra uses double (side-by-side) cartridge bearings in each rear swingarm pivot, and a massive clamped thru-axle at the shock link

  3. Si Motor Mount
    Custom Si Motor Mount shifts the drive unit position for ultra short chainstays and ideal pivot placement. The result? Dialed rear suspension and unbelievable agility.

  4. SmartForm C1 Alloy
    Cannondale SmartForm C1 Alloy Construction for the ideal balance of light weight, rigidity and ride feel.

  5. Torsion Box Downtube
    Super rigid Torsion Box Downtube keeps the bike's center of gravity incredibly low for unmatched agility and handling.




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