Ai - Asymmetric Integration

What It Is:

A proprietary system in which Cannondale moves the drivetrain outboard by 6mm to allow for ultra-short chainstays and a stiffer rear wheel, with none of the usual compromises.

Why It Matters:

Short chainstays improve traction and agility. Ai allows us to engineer ultra short chainstays, without sacrificing tire clearance, chainstay stiffness or the ability to run dual chainrings. And as a bonus, it also creates a stiffer, stronger rear wheel.

Short chainstays. They're so hot right now. These days, everyone's talking about how short their chainstays are. Soon, companies will be claiming they have chainstays shorter than the effective radius of their wheels. And for good reason. Short stays are great for traction - they get the rear wheel in under the rider's weight better on steep climbs - and they bring some much-needed agility and nimbleness to bikes with big diameter wheels. But let's get real for a second. Space in that rear triangle is already at a premium, so if you want to move the rear wheel even further in, something's got to give. If you look at most of the bikes out there with short chainstays, you'll notice that they've made some significant sacrifices to get there. They've gotten rid of the front derailleur and 2nd chainring. They've given up clearance for bigger tires or mud. They've made their driveside chainstay super skinny and flexy. Or most likely, some unholy combination of all three.

We had a better idea. Our Ai system simply shifts the chainrings, front derailleur and chainstay over by 6mm, which creates tons of room for the wheel to come forward, shortening the stays without sacrificing anything. But of course, if you move the chainrings over, the rear cogs need to move over the same amount to maintain ideal chainline. Rather than creating some special wider, heavier rear hub, the Ai system simply takes a standard rear wheel and re-dishes it over by 6mm. The result? Even spoke angles and tension on both sides, resulting in a massively stiffer, stronger rear wheel, with no additional weight.

Thanks to our System Integration philosophy, Ai lets you have your short chainstay cake and eat it too! Ultra short chainstays, full tire clearance, 2x compatibility, robust chainstays and a stiffer, stronger rear wheel to boot. What's not to like? Ai is the smartest way to short stays.

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