Cross. Functional.

Dream big on the weekends and commute fast on the weekdays. Serious do-it-all versatility meets serious 'cross capability. With a lightweight, smooth-riding frame and the same traction, fit and handling as the new SuperX, the new CAADX is your all-around adventure machine. 


  • SuperX Geometry

    With the same geometry and fit as its big sister, SuperX, the CAADX delivers awesome traction, stability and handling. It's also a perfect pit bike for new SuperX owners.

  • "Best of Both" Handling

    OutFront steering geometry offers drama-free stability on technical courses and potholed streets but maintains quick-handling agility everywhere else.

  • Light and Smooth

    SmartFormed C2 Alloy Construction and CAAD12-inspired tube shapes keep it light and easy to shoulder, while redesigned SPEED SAVE micro-suspension helps you track smoothly through the rough stuff.

  • Sweet Versatility

    Subtle rack mounts, a removable seatstay-bridge and hidden fork fender mounts expand its usability without affecting its racy looks.

  • 35mm Tire Clearance

    While it may not have the massive clearance of the Ai-equipped SuperX, CAADX has room to run full 35mm wide tires, even with its super short chainstays.

  • Women's-Specific Components

    Women's saddles, narrower ergonomic bars with improved lever reach, and shorter cranks make your bike ride and fit better.

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