Tesoro NEO

Modern living is fast-paced and the Cannondale Tesoro NEO helps you stay ahead of it. The perfect ebike for riders with a need for speed, whether that means shaving minutes off the morning commute, leaving traffic in your dust, or hitting the open road for a stress-busting day out.

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  • New HeadShok suspension technology

    The new HeadShok sets the pace for urban suspension forks, thanks to its clever thru-axle design. Its unparalleled smoothness, weight, and steering precision sets it comfortably ahead of the competition, and places you in the same position.

  • Comfort and speed

    The performance-oriented geometry of the Cannondale Tesoro NEO was designed based on fit-system data from Guru, with the aim of providing a comfortable ride for cyclists of every age and size. The rider's position is optimized for comfortable sports riding, with size variants based on logical tiers that ensure everyone can find a bike for them.

  • Stiff frames and easy handling

    The Tesoro NEO's frame is designed with an oversized SmartForm C2 alloy construction, making it one of the stiffest on the market. Stiffer frames equal greater safety, more accurate handling, and improved stability at high speeds, for a more enjoyable overall riding experience. This is particularly noticeable in the Women's drop-top tube frames.

  • Fast-rolling wheels

    The Tesoro NEO is equipped with 28x1.5" (40-622) tires, blending fast, efficient rotations with comfort and durability.

  • Equipped for anything

    You'll never take the Tesoro NEO by surprise – integrated Busch&Müller lights, a Tubus rack with a unique one-handed bag release, customized fenders, a kickstand, and a lock ensure that it's ready to rock and roll in any situation. When time's get tough, it's got your back.

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