Small Wheels. Big Fun.

Built for the unique demands of urban life, the Hooligan makes every trip more fun. The compact size and small wheels make for a quick, zippy feel, and it's easy to carry up to your apartment or office.


  • Easier Storage

    The smaller wheels and unique Delta V frame configuration make Hooligan easy to store in tight spaces, and easy to carry up stairs, into elevators and onto subways.

  • Agility and Acceleration

    Compact 20" wheels accelerate quickly and offer super nimble handling.

  • One Size Fits

    With a tall head tube, low-slung frame and custom extra-long seatpost, Hooligan can fit a wide range of rider sizes.

  • Frame of Reference

    Those radical SmartFormed aluminum tubes don't just look good, they're stronger and stiffer, giving you increased standover height and nimble handling. Double-pass smooth welds ensure maximum strength and aesthetic appeal.

  • Forkin' Amazing

    Cannondale's OPI one-piece forged construction gives the SOLO fork extreme strength and stiffness combined with arresting good looks.

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