SuperSix EVO

The gold standard for what a lightweight road race bike can be. With an uncanny balance of feathery weight, sprint-winning stiffness, surprising comfort and near-telepathic handling, the SuperSix EVO is a perennial favorite of magazine editors and racers around the world.


  • Light and Stiff

    Incredibly light, with sprint-winning stiffness, thanks to BallisTec Carbon construction and System Integrated design.

  • Smooth and Aero

    Micro-suspension smooths out the bumps and TAP tube shapes cheat the wind for peak performance, start to finish.

  • Incredible Handling

    An absolute rocket on descents thanks to sharp handling geometry and a frame that’s stiff, yet compliant in all the right places.

  • Ultralight Disc Integration

    Better braking with minimal weight. Disc version of EVO Hi-MOD frame adds less than 150g.