Scalpel-Si XC bikes manage to combine superb rigidity with light weight and full-suspension comfort. Perfect for even the toughest demands of modern cross-country. Experience the stability, freedom and power you need to tackle even the most gruelling of climbs and descents with confidence.

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  • Traction without compromise

    Enjoy gradient-defying traction, agile handling and reassuring rigidity without compromising on clearance or chainring options - all thanks to our proprietary Ai offset drivetrain and super short chainstays.

  • All-mountain stability and XC agility

    Stay slack and stable on hectic descents, yet quick and nimble everywhere else, with OutFront Steering Geometry.

  • Cornering precision and pinpoint control

    Unbelievably rigid and precise, Lefty out-corners, out-handles and flat-out rides circles around its flexy XC competition. Its custom extra-long fork offsets (rake) make our OutFront Steering Geometry possible.

  • Superb stiffness

    The Scalpel Si efficiently transfers the power you put into pedalling into your performance. Superb traction, stability and control come courtesy of its stiff design and low-weight carbon construction.

  • New SE models

    Scalpel is about to perform even more impressively on the trail with its bigger tyres, wider range gearing and dropper seatpost, plus increased rear travel and fork size.