The Future of XC

We've taken the most advanced, award-winning XC hardtail on the planet and reconfigured it specifically for women with a need for speed. Out-kick them on the climbs and out-rip them on the descents - this ultralight rocket is your ticket to the top of the podium.


  • XC Agility Meets All-Mountain Stability

    Our OutFront Optimized Steering Geometry gives you the best of both worlds: a slack head angle for the stability to attack technical descents, with a tight "trail" measurement to keep handing quick and XC-nimble everywhere else.

  • Insane Traction - Without Compromise

    Proprietary Ai offset drivetrain delivers super short chainstays for climb-winning traction and agile handling, without sacrificing mud/tire clearance or limiting you to single ring set-ups.

  • Energy Saving Stiffness

    Just say no to energy wasting flex. The F-Si Carbon is stiff in all the right places thanks to an evenly-dished Ai rear wheel, super-short chainstays and BallisTec Carbon construction..

  • The Best XC Fork… Period.

    With its unbelievable rigidity and confident steering precision, Lefty out-corners, out-handles and flat-out rides circles around its flexy XC competition. Custom extra-long fork offsets (rake) make our OutFront Steering Geometry possible.

  • Fit-Focused Wheel Diameter

    Specifically designed around 27.5 wheels to achieve the best possible fit, geometry, and ride characteristics.

  • Women's-Specific Components

    Women's saddles, shorter crankarms, slightly narrower handlebars and components specifically chosen to achieve the best fit for female riders.

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